Historic Rally Trophy



Annually divided into eight championships

The Historic Rally Trophy, organized by Historic Rally Club Finland, runs six races each year; three have been driven in winter conditions and three on gravel surfaces. The number of participants in the HRT series during 2019 was about 500. In 2019, the HRT series was Finland’s second most popular rally series.

The HRT series fights for four championships by age and also for the championship in the note series and the equal speed series, but also in the Veteran Series. As a novelty for 2020, there was a separate category for the first group members, who in four classes are fighting for their own championship.

In 2019, the participation of the show driving class was already tried in a couple of competitions. The class has wanted to lower the threshold to join historic rallies. Competitors in the show run class will not be given time for special stages. This will provide an opportunity for historians interested in introducing their cars, which may no longer be “brutally” used in the race, to the public and other enthusiasts.

Flat speed driving is an interesting race sport

The Historic Rally Trophy is run in conjunction with the Historic Equal Speed ​​Rally Series (HTRS), which has six races each year. The series is intended for historic cars, the car must be classified no later than 1990. The class follows the rules made separately for that class, which specify the rules of the rally and the HRT series as necessary.

Equal speed racing is a sport in which competitors try to drive a pre-announced average speed in special rally stages. Competitors ’progress and timeliness are monitored at pre-defined, secret checkpoints, today using GPS-based aids.

For stages, the average speed requirement may change during the stage. For example, the speed prescribed for a certain section of a stage may be 58 km / h, the next 46 km / h, etc. The checkpoint must be at a precisely specified time, otherwise there will be a “time penalty”. The order of precedence is formed on the basis of time fines, to the nearest 0.1 second. Historic cars driving in the same speed class will be the first to start on the route and open the race.

It is allowed to use technical aids in the series’ competitions and it is easy for competitors to obtain mobile applications for distance tracking and timekeeping. At its simplest, a device with a network connection and a Garmin GLO GPS logger are enough tools.

A separate category for the Group 1 in the HRT series

In the Historic Rally Trophy series organized by Historic Rally Club Finland, the Group 1 members will receive their own category in the 2020 season, where according to the cubic volume of the engine, the championship of the category will be run in four categories. Group 1 also has a strong rally history in Finland, which HRCF wants to honor in this way.

The Group 1 championship will be run in classes 1 to 4, where you will find your own classes for cars up to 1000, 1300, 1600 and over 1600 cubic meters.


New Show category for HRT competitions

The new category offers the so-called. a low-threshold opportunity to engage in historic rallying. There are hundreds of historic cars in Finland that do not compete at all. There can, of course, be a variety of reasons, but the new class offers an excellent opportunity to drive these cars on fine Finnish rally roads without the “unnecessary squeeze” brought by the race.

A car participating in the class must have a historic pass or a new Show pass. The car can be from ages E-J2, ie all ages of the HRT series are included.

Veterans have their own rally series in the Historic Rally Trophy

For the first time in connection with the Historic Rally Trophy, the 2018 Veteran Rally Series was run. Admission to this series requires an E- or F-age car (-65 or older) and a 1-driver age of at least 60 years. In HRT races, veterans compete in the -69 classes of the HRT series according to cubic volume.

In the HRT series scoring, the veterans’ results are picked up as their own Veteran Rally Series result, regardless of the categories. The veterans ‘results are not separate in the series’ competitions, but Historic Rally Club Finland compiles the series ‘results and points situations by competition and handles the series’ information during the season. Veteran Rally Series points are calculated according to the normal formula and at the end of the season, those who score the most points will be rewarded.